Post by the Neo-Confederate Facebook page 13920596_1060010907413696_5137506919791550698_nDefending the Heritage, 3th of August 2016:

“In a recent conversation with a black man, he wrote me: ” All oppressive images should be removed. Flags, statues of slave owners/slavery supporters, streets named after such, etc. are all a smack in the face of black people in this corporation. It doesn’t change much but it does ease minds slightly. Imagine a street being named and a statue being placed in your city of the man who raped and murdered your child/relative/ancestor…”

My simple response to him was: “Then all of MLK, Jr should be removed as well?”

His response? “MLK never killed or oppressed anyone. That’s an apple and we are discussing oranges.”

There ya go……some people just don’t get it….looking at the world through the eyes of a “victim” NEVER allows the person to see things in the true light! MLK,Jr was a huge womanizer who was very sexually immoral….not to mention other transgressions committed by him and his posse! This man, and many like him, are offended, are victimized, etc… whatever and demand all those things be annihilated, but when whites counter with their own examples of things we don’t like……then it’s “apples and oranges.” {{{smh}}} Onward we march……..

My final question to him: “Do you feel by killing, assaulting others, vandalizing and stealing is helping the black cause? I for one don’t, and I am not alone. The hateful and criminal actions of a few blacks are digging the hole even deeper for all blacks. That’s wrong. It’s no different than whites. We have had some less than desirable whites in history, but the white race in its entirety is being held responsible. Is it right?”

{{{playJeopardy music}}}

Many days later and STILL waiting on his response!”

Our comment:

“I don’t agree that confederate statues should be removed, we should never just bury our past, as if that makes it go away, but signs should be added to them, putting them in context, saying that once upon a time the united states (not just the south of course) thought slavery was fine and that it was a horrible practice, but that eventually it got abolished, luckily, even though it came about as a war measure and not so much an act of kindness. And yes, some of his ancestors quite likely were raped, abused, and certainly exploited, and if we go further back in history some of his own ancestors may have done some abusing of their own, in Africa, before one of his ancestors was kidnapped and brought to the US (yes yes, on northern ships as y’all like to remind us) To end: MLK can in no ways be compared to any slave owner, not even the most benevolent one among them. Apples and oranges indeed. I salute this man for taking the time to write you in an open and respectful way. As to victim mentality, I see a good deal of that on this page. As you must know by now I find this an interesting page to follow, I’m always open to your views – a feeling that’s not always reciprocated – but I don’t agree with everything. Have a nice day.
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