I went to the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, Michigan today. It’s an amazing place. And there is so much to see. My partner and I didn’t see all they had.

They have one particular object, or artifact, that to me, is the most powerful object they have in their collection.

It is this…

This is the chair that President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in. It’s a simple object. Just a chair.


The man who sat in this chair did so much for his country. He saved his country. And he died for his country. In that, the simple, upholstered chair is more than just a chair. That’s why it is so powerful.

History changed on the night on April 14, 1865.
Think about that…

It’s amazing the power such a seemingly simple object can hold.

There it is, 151 years, still there. And it’s there to help us remember.

We remember a man who was intelligent, amazing, and so very human. He did so much and was so ahead of his time.

I first saw it when I was 7. I could not be pulled away from it. Each time I’ve seen it after, has been emotional. I had tears in my eyes today as I saw the chair again today.

That’s when I realized the power it had, as I watched other people spending several minutes looking at it. And it was amazing to see. To overhear their conversations. They spoke of Abraham Lincoln. And it wasn’t just that he was assassinated  in that chair. It was about what an amazing person he was, his accomplishments and him as a person.

That’s the power of an object. And of history.

Until next time,